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The attorney at The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, understands the importance of homeownership and property investment and prides itself on providing quality representation before a purchase AND at the closing table.

It’s not just about the paperwork on closing day – she will review and advise you of any issues relating to your purchase and sale agreement and ensure that any and all deadlines and requirements to the mortgage company or bank are completed in your best interest. Her goal is to ensure that closing day is as stress-free as possible.

If you are purchasing a home, selling your home, or looking to refinance your home, give us a call to assist you in this important process. The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, works with mortgage originators, real estate agents, and financial advisers to help you make the best decisions in your real estate transactions.

A will is not just for the elderly. Even young families with minor children should be protected in the event of untimely or unforeseen circumstances. Your will can reflect your intent and wishes for the care and guardianship of your minor children and can provide for their financial protection and their care. If you are in need of a will and related documents such as a living will, power of attorney, conservatorship appointment, or health care agent, contact the firm to arrange an appointment. The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC can also assist throughout the probate process.

The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, handles car accident cases and more.

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, because of a slip-and-fall or because of a contractual default, The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, can assist you in the legal process. Attorney Quirk begins with a free initial consultation to discuss your potential case and the legal process. Once she is retained, she takes you through the initial investigation and filing of the complaint, the collection of medical and other supporting evidentiary documents, through the legal court proceedings and negotiations, and toward an amicable outcome for you, the client.

During the process, The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, strives to efficiently handle your personal injury case to obtain an outcome that is not only satisfying to you as the client but in an acceptable timeframe given the constraints of the legal process.

Time is always of the essence in a personal injury matter. Don’t lose your rights! Call or contact the firm today at The 203-440-0359, or via email for your free initial consultation and learn about your legal rights and options.

Attorney Quirk has had success in obtaining favorable decisions before the Social Security Administration due to a wide variety of physical and mental health disabilities. A few notable physical disability cases which she has handled include hearing and visual impairments, congestive heart failure, as well as a rare eosinophilic esophagitis condition. Mental health disability cases she has handled include severe depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, and severe brain injury conditions.

Attorney Quirk has handled several hearings before various Social Security administrative law judges and pursues Social Security Disability (SSDI) as well as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases for adults and children.

If you have filed your application for disability benefits and you have been denied, don’t wait! Social Security Administration provides a very short period of time to pursue an appeal of your case. Failure to file the required documentation in the time frame allowed can affect your claim and your benefits.

Call or contact attorney Quirk for your free initial consultation of your Social Security benefit claim.

Did you know that you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer if you were injured during the course of employment?

A workers’ compensation claim is one of the avenues available to you if you are injured while at work. Workers’ compensation statutes are designed to ensure that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier pays for the necessary treatment and/or compensation while you are out of work because of your injury or due to necessary surgery and recovery.

The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, can assist you in filing your claim, and by attending the required administrative hearings before various Workers’ Compensation Commissioners to get you the treatment and compensation you deserve. Give the firm a call so that attorney Quirk can discuss with you the potential options and the process of a workers’ compensation claim.

In light of today’s economy, The Law Office of E.B. Quirk, LLC, has assisted our clients in negotiating and handling collection matters to an amicable outcome. If you are in need of assistance in a collections matter, please do not hesitate to contact the firm directly.